Hand Over Hand’s Individualized Educational Program & Homeschool Learning

Founded in 2016, Hand Over Hand LLC is an Educational Services company providing Digital Learning Instruction, Educational Consultation and In-Person instruction to individualize the needs of students such as tutoring, special education, assessment services, professional development, parent/guardian training, and after school services for student’s Pre-K through 12th Grades, including gifted learners, children with disabilities, and English Language Learners. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to, reading, math, social studies, science, writing and Social Emotional Learning through Project Based Learning.

We deliver a high-quality, inquiry based, standards-driven individualized curriculum, while providing a nurturing environment where every child can discover, explore, and reflect on ideas and concepts that can positively impact their everyday lives.

We emphasize the development of civic, social, and technological strategies necessary for students to contribute to their local and global communities. We provide individualized instruction for 21st Century learning experiences that are directly relevant for real-life communities and their challenges. We introduce our learners to 21st Century global issues and work together to come up with solutions to problems presented. We ask targeted questions that will encourage students to think creatively about how to solve potential challenges that are relevant for their communities. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to, reading, math, social studies, science, writing and Social Emotional Learning through Project Based Learning.

What is Hand Over Hand’s Individualized Educational Program?

since 2016

Hand Over Hand’s Individualized Educational Program is the only educational service company that individualizes students’ learning, fosters Inquiry-based learning, STEAM-based learning, and Project-Based Learning—while also building students’ social skills through teamwork.

Hand Over Hand’s Individualized Educational Program is widely considered a successful way for each student to achieve their unique goals and build the foundation for long-term success and life skills by using an Inquiry-Based Learning Approach. We emphasize the development of problem solving, literacy, civic, social, and technological strategies necessary for students to contribute to their local and global communities.

We are certain that by adding our unmatched Hand Over Hand Individualized Learning Program and interaction with 21st Century real-world issues, our students will be well prepared for their futures, including college, careers, and long-term success.

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Why hand over hand

Our Vision

We can adapt and differentiate our program to provide support for a wide range of learners. We tailor all Hand Over Hand Individualized Educational Programs to the abilities of each student.

We specialize in inclusivity across all Gifted and Talented Learners and support collaborative learning amongst Children with Disabilities, Economically Disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and High Performing Learners who all collaborate and problem solve the world around them.

Through initial assessments of Student Interests, Academic Baselines, Learning Styles and Social Emotional Learning, we collaborate to accommodate each child’s unique abilities. We believe learning happens because we interact with new challenges in our environment. We carefully choose materials and design programs to give students the opportunity to research and question the world around them.

After our program, students should be able to understand topics, form opinions, use information learned to confidently support their opinions, and recommend possible solutions to problems.

Cara, Mother

“In 2020 we switched to virtual learning with Hand Over Hand & it has been so amazing! Our 4-year-old is learning new vocabulary and pragmatic skills. My husband and I are so happy to see her social skills blossoming & her excitement to learn from home.”


Attention Span & Focus

  • Learn to focus effectively
  • Experienced in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Teaching Listening strategies to allow a child to maintain attention
  • Providing sensory feedback strategies to improve attention


Literacy/Reading & Academic Skills

  • Sounding out words in order to spell unknown words
  • Spelling age-appropriate words
  • Age-appropriate phonics skills
  • Becoming a fluent rader
  • Solving grade level and advanced math word problems


Executive Function

  • Organizing their thoughts in order to complete a school work assignment
  • Improving short and long term memory
  • Controlling emotions/impulse control
  • Starting a task and completing it


Social Communication

  • Working collaboratively with others during play
  • Understanding and appropriately responding to changes in body language
  • Telling stories and answering questions
  • Rephrasing when others do not understand the message
Danielle Smerina

Danielle Smerina

Teacher and School Building Leader

Danielle’s professional journey started at Brooklyn College, CUNY, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Speech and Hearing Sciences. After college, she continued

Jeanine Zaccone

Jeanine Zaccone


Jeanine earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Fordham University. From there, she earned a Master of Science Degree in Education at Fordham University Graduate School.

Christina Tiralosi

Christina Tiralosi

Occupational Therapist

Christina earned her bachelor of science degree in psychology at Fordham University from there, she earned a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in occupational therapy at Long Island University

Rocio Noriega

Rocio Noriega

Educational Technology Specialist

Rocio earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance at the San Martin de Porres University in Lima-Peru. Thereafter, she completed an MBA at Hult International Business School of Boston. Currently, she is pursuing a Master in Business Analytics at Baruch College of New York target on becoming an expert in data research, collection, and analysis. She has hand-on experience developing business strategies and marketing plans, customer retention, market analysis, and corporate sales.