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Hand Over Hand’s Financial Literacy Program is hosted on Google Classroom and is comprised of five learning pillars: Basic Banking, Budgeting, Saving, Debt and Credit. Each pillar covers a variety of topics over three separate workshop sessions. At the start of the first session, participants will be asked to complete a short survey to determine skill level and set goals for the remainder of the program. Each section will utilize real world scenarios to ensure participants have a clear understanding of the topic. Hosted on Google Classroom, participants will have access to essential technology, the Hand Over Hand Literacy Workbook, and additional resources such as helpful videos, literature, and previously recorded sessions. Below is a detailed breakdown of the primary pillars of learning and the modules covered.

Training Topics

1. Banking

Sessions will introduce participants to basic banking skills including setting financial goals, choosing a bank, opening a bank account, and setting up direct deposits.

  1. Setting Financial Goals
  2. Avoiding Pitfalls
  3. Setting Up a Bank Account

2. Budgeting

Sessions will introduce participants to budgeting basics, offering tools and strategies that make budgeting easier.

  1. Organizing Finances
  2. Building a Budget
  3. Designing a Spending Plan

3. Saving

Sessions will provide participants with tools to develop savings strategies and stick to healthy saving habits.

  1. Setting Savings Goals
  2. Developing a Saving Strategy
  3. Creating Saving Habits

4. Credit

Sessions will introduce participants to managing and improving credit and credit scores.

  1. Measuring FICO Scores
  2. Types of Credit + Credit Cards
  3. Credit Counseling

5. Debt

Sessions will offer participants tools and strategies to understand and reduce debt.

  1. Organizing Debt
  2. Strategies for Reducing Debt
  3. Creating a Plan to Become Debt-Free

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