Additional Educational Services Below:

Parent Consultation:

If you are unsure about Response to Intervention, if your child is below math/writing/reading level and you are unsure how to support, if you are unsure about school recommendations about next steps, if you are a working care taker who has responsibilities, or if you need professional assistance regarding any stage sifting through many decisions related to your child’s academics, I am here for support!

Parent Training:

Learn techniques for increasing academic achievement, positive behavior, skill acquisition, and providing reinforcement. Wonderful for parents and child’s caretakers!

Academic Tutoring:

Provide scaffolded learning and support to help your child achieve his or her academic goals.

IEP Review:

Professional review of all parts of your child’s IEP.

School Consultation:

Hand Over Hand works with professionals at your child’s school setting to collaborate and create the best individualized learning experience to carry over skills and strategies learned.

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