Individualized Educational Program

At Hand Over Hand, we strategically design lessons for students to explore their topic of interest. Topics of Inquiry are based on some of the most common ‘themes’ that our world is facing collectively:
• Food insecurity
• Healthcare
• Education
Community Sustainability
• Technology
• Engineering
• Various science topics
• Climate change
• Financial Literacy

Our materials are carefully chosen by considering students’ social emotional, reading, writing, speaking, and math levels. Literacy goals are developed where students can read, write, and speak about their topic of interest. We develop reading, writing, and speaking goals along the learning process.

Our goal is to improve the confidence of students through academics and social emotional awareness to help them become resilient and make positive impacts in the world. After our program, students should be able to understand topics, form opinions, use information learned to confidently support their opinions, and recommend possible solutions to problems.

Step 1


We use assessments in Social Emotional Learning, present levels of performance across all content areas such as math, reading, writing, and we also use a student interest survey to help develop an individualized program for our students based on topics that have a Global Impact.

Step 2


We use Inquiry Based Learning and Project Based Learning Approaches as we individualize each students’ learning program. We maximize our student learning by using the assessment data to design synchronized learning instruction with a seamless transition between school, home, and virtual learning. We utilize Zoom meeting and Google Classroom platforms for Virtual instruction. Our staff is here to set you up with all the technology support.

Step 3

Document Progress

We have an ongoing assessment tracking of students with all our services. We recommend different educational services dependent on the assessment data and progress. We revise each learning program based on students’ assessment data.

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