Hand Over Hand’s Professional Development Workshops

Wellness & Integrated Student Support Topics

  • Social and Emotional Learning Strategies & Techniques
  • How to integrate CASEL Framework and Activities Day to Day
  • Promoting Social & Emotional Competence

Collaborative Leadership Training Workshop Topics

  • Safe and Caring Learning Environment
  • Developing Sensitivity & Empathy
  • Specially Designed Instruction & Project Based Learning
  • Classroom Management for Virtual and Hybrid Settings

Career and Job Readiness Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Transition Planning
  • Navigating Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)
  • College Access for Students with Disabilities
  • Financial Literacy for Youth with Disabilities (Grades 2-12)

Family & Community Engagement Workshop Topics

  • Navigating the IEP Process
  • Promoting Positive Behavior in Children
  • Parenting a Child with a Disability

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