Whether you are currently homeschooling or just starting out, Hand Over Hand will be your support system for all of your homeschooling efforts from Pre-K through 12th Grade.

:dizzy: :books: Danielle will provide you with her expertise as a Principal, and having over 10 years’ experience working as a teacher.

:dizzy: :books:We are here if you need any support with teaching academic skills, learning strategies, assessments, locating and creating resources customized to the needs of your child.

:dizzy: :books: We are certified in NYS in teaching and administration to support you with both General Education and Special Education.

:dizzy: :books: We offer our own Homeschooling Learning program. *Check Us Out using the link in our bio!

:dizzy: :books: We are here to support you navigate your needs with any homeschooling effort.

:dizzy: :books: Please book a complimentary 15 minute consultation by emailing  so we can assist you with your homeschool learning journey.#homeschool #education #virtuallearning


:sparkles::star2:From Assessment to Achievement:star2::sparkles:

:sparkles:Step 1:sparkles:

~~ Assess ~~
We use assessments in Social Emotional Learning, present levels of performance across all content areas such as math, reading, writing, and we also use a student interest survey to help develop an individualized program for our students.

:sparkles:Step 2 :sparkles:

~~ Teach ~~
We maximize our student learning by using the assessment data to design synchronized learning instruction with a seamless transition between school, home, and virtual learning.

:calling:We utilize Zoom meeting and Google Classroom platforms for instruction.
:calling:Our staff is here to set you up with all the technology support.

:sparkles:Step 3:sparkles:

~~ Document Progress ~~
We have an ongoing assessment tracking of students with all of our services. We recommend different educational services dependent on the assessment data

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Let's Raise Awareness One Post At a Time

This is the case in NYS. Check to see if your state has dyslexia legislation in place. If so, be sure your school district is following it. If not, advocacy is needed to get state representatives on board as co-sponsors and supporters to move these bills through committees and to the floor for votes.Please share to help our schools have the proper training in place to assist our students with Dyslexia. Let’s be sure that our Local School Districts are aware as well.#specialeducationclassroom #dyslexia #dyslexiaadvocate

Hand over hand google classroom learning program

Our ???? ???? ???? ?????? ????????? ???????? ??????? helps students to develop ??????? ??????? ?????? and ???????? ???????? to take action with the world around them. We understand the importance of a growth mindset by helping kids build strength through challenges.

:green_heart: We start with a Problem Solving Question – each problem is a real world issue.

:green_heart: Students study all sides of an issue by researching using multiple resources (i.e. news articles, internet research, interviewing people in the field).

:green_heart: Students record their data by taking notes on all sides of an issue/topic.

:green_heart: Students support their opinion based on research based evidence.

:green_heart: Students showcase their knowledge through arts/crafts projects.

:green_heart: Students will present their findings to their peers.