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Hand Over Hand LLC is currently recruiting for Teachers (Elementary School, Middle School, High School).

    If you apply for a teaching position at Hand Over Hand, you must have State certification in the area and level you want to teach. The certification requirements for all areas along with the various pathways to certification can be found in the certification section of the New York State Education Department website.


    Hand Over Hand is committed to our teachers. We collaborate and hold Professional Learning Communities to assist in best practices and individualize instruction for our students. We will engage in discussions in “Creating Inquiry Based Projects” for our students. This includes: critical thinking skills, flexibility, self-regulation, social-emotional well-being, social skills, participation, self-help skills, and more. These skills are crucial in student success and support the philosophy of holistic learning. 

      What We Offer


      Hand Over Hand LLC offers competitive pay plus much more.

      • Direct deposit
      • Referral bonuses
      • Clinical support
      • Flexible schedules
      • Various clinical settings including teletherapy
      • Electronic billing

      Learn more about the specific things we do that make Hand Over Hand LLC a great place to work.

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      If you are interested in learning more about Teaching opportunities with Hand Over Hand, and the benefits of joining our team, please fill out the form below. You can also call us directly at 718-863-1033.We will be happy to talk with you about the opportunities we have available.

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